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Cream of the Crop: cropping and resizing > Cropping to a Specific Size

Cropping to a Specific Size

If you’re outputting photos for clients, chances are they’re going to want them in standard sizes so they can easily find frames to fit their photos. If that’s the case, you’ll find this technique handy, because it lets you crop any image to a predetermined size (like 5 × 7, 8 × 10, and so on).

Step One.
The portrait shown here measures 10.806″ × 10.819″ and we want to crop it to be a perfect 8″ × 10″. First, get the Crop tool, and up in the Options bar on the left, you’ll see fields for Width and Height. Enter the size you want for Width, followed by the unit of measurement you want to use (for example, use “in” for inches, “px” for pixels, “cm” for centimeters, “mm” for millimeters, etc.). Next, press the Tab key to jump over to the Height field and enter your desired height, again followed by the unit of measurement (as shown in the inset at left).


Step Two.
After you enter these figures in the Options Bar, click within your photo with the Crop tool and drag out a cropping border. You notice that as you drag, the border is constrained to a vertical shape and no side points are visible—only corner points. Whatever size you make your border, the area within that border becomes an 8″ × 10″ photo. In the example shown at left, I dragged the border so it almost touched the top and bottom, to get as much of the subject as possible.

Step Three.
After your cropping border is onscreen, you can reposition it by moving your cursor inside the border, where your cursor changes to a Move arrow. You can now drag the border into place, or use the Arrow keys on your keyboard for more precise control. When it looks right to you, press Return (PC: Enter) to finalize your crop, and the area inside your cropping border becomes 8″ × 10″. (I made the Rulers visible so you could see that the image measures exactly 8″ × 10″.)



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