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Making the Tone of One Photo Match Another

If you’ve ever tired to make the flesh-tones, or overall tone, of one photo match another photo, it takes somewhat of a color-correction miracle. Actually, I should say it “took” somewhat of a minor miracle, because in Photoshop CS, it’s a total no-brainer. You just tell Photoshop which color to match and it does it. Pretty brilliantly I might add. Here’s how.

Step  One.
Open the photo that you want to repair. In this case, the photo has a very warm yellowish glow, and it looks like it may have been taken at the beach sometime close to sunset.


Step Two.
Now find and open a photo that has a skin tone (or overall tone) that you like. This is the photo whose tone you’re trying to match (the photo shown here appears to be taken inside a room or studio that is well lit with natural light).


Step Three.
Go back to the image you want to repair (the yellowish couple). Then, go under the Image menu, under Adjustments, and choose Match Color. (Note: If you look under Adjustments and don’t find Match Color, you don’t have Photoshop CS. That’s going to make things tough).

Step Four.
At the bottom of the Match Color dialog, choose the Source photo that has the tone you want to match (in this case, choose the kids shot indoors with lots of natural light). As long as Preview is turned on, you’ll see the effect instantly. If the match makes the photo too dark (or too light) you can use the Luminance slider to adjust the overall brightness without affecting the color. Also, you may need to decrease the saturation level of the colors after making this change, in which case, you can drag the Color Intensity slider to the left. If the overall effect is too intense, drag the Fade slider to the right to lessen it.

Step Five.
When you click OK, the tones from the source image (natural light) are applied to your sunset image to create the match shown here. Compare this with the original warm image shown in Step One and you can see what a dramatic effect Match Color can have—the overall tone in the photo in Step Two and this photo now match. Now admit it—is this thing slick or what?



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