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38 Special: photographic special effects > Replicating Photography Filters

Replicating Photography Filters

This is a totally digital way to replicate some of the most popular photography filters, such as the 81A and 81B Color Correction filters used by many photographers. These are primarily used to warm photos, especially those taken outdoors where a bright sky radiates to give photos a bluish cast. They’re also useful when shooting in shade on a sunny day, or for correcting bluish light from overcast days. Luckily in Photoshop CS, it’s simple to replicate both filters.

Step One.
Open the photo that needs the warming effect you’d get by applying an 81A Color Correction filter to your lens.


Step Two.
Choose Photo Filter from the Adjustment Layer pop-up menu at the bottom of the Layers palette (as shown here).

Step Three.
The Photo Filter dialog appears. Click-and-hold on the Filter pop-up menu and a list of filters appears. Since we’re trying to warm the filter with an 81A-like effect, choose Warming Filter (81) from the menu (as shown).

Step Four.
Once you select which filter you’re going to use, it’s time to play with the Density slider to warm the photo. It’s been my experience that the 25% default density setting is too subtle, so you’ll probably wind up increasing the Density (in this example, increase it to around 45%, as shown).

Step Five.
When you click OK, the entire photo looks warmer (especially the flesh tones). If you like the warming of the flesh tones, but liked the background color or clothing color the way they were, just switch to the Brush tool, choose a soft-edged brush, set black as your Foreground color, and paint over the areas you don’t want warmed by the filter. As you paint, those areas return to the cool blue (this is why it’s so great that Adobe made these Photo Filters Adjustment Layers—they’re editable!).



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