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Adjusting the Color of Individual Objects

This effect is one of the most called upon by art directors working with photographers because of the cardinal rule of working with clients—they were born to change their minds. Now, if the client wishes they had sent a different color shirt for the photo shoot, you don’t reshoot, you just retouch.

Step One.
Open the photo that contains an element that needs to be a different color. Select the area you want to recolor using any selection tool you’d like (Lasso tool, Pen tool, Extract—it doesn’t matter which you use, but you have to have a pretty accurate selection). In this case, I want to change just the color of the fins—not the straps, so I used the Magic Wand tool to select all the blue areas, leaving the yellow straps unselected. Holding the Shift key and clicking in different areas of blue with the Magic Wand tool adds those areas to your selection.


Step Two.
Choose Hue/Saturation from the Adjustment Layer pop-up menu at the bottom of the Layers palette.

Step Three.
When the dialog appears, click on the Colorize check box at the bottom right of the dialog and then start dragging the Hue slider. As you drag, the color of the selected area changes.

Step Four.
If the color appears too intense after dragging the Hue slider, just drag the Saturation slider (as shown) to the left to decrease the saturation of the color. If you don’t like the color at all (and frankly, this green looks kind of pukey), no sweat—just drag the Hue slider to a different shade (in the example shown in the next step, I dragged the Hue slider until I got a nice purple).

Step Five.
Click OK in the Hue/Saturation dialog to complete the color change. (Here, we changed the color and lowered the Saturation.)



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