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Chapter 8. Ad Libbing: Advertising Effec... > Quick Product Shot Background - Pg. 554

Ad Libbing: Advertising Effects 554 Quick Product Shot Background Here's a very useful photographic background technique that not only looks great, but takes only seconds to create. Perfect for catalog shots, magazine ads, and product shots of all kinds. You can even use it as a background for portraits, but you might want to use a less warm combination than yellow and brown. For portraits, start with a bright blue background in Step One, and then add a dark blue in Step Two. Change contours for a new effect If you like to experiment with Layer Styles, changing the current contour of your Bevel and Emboss, or Satin effect, is a great way to tweak an existing effect and give it a totally different look. Just click the down-facing triangle next to the current Contour thumbnail. A library of contours will appear, and you can just start clicking on each contour until you see an effect you really like. It sounds simple, and it is. 1. Open a new document in RGB mode. Click on the Foreground Color Swatch in the Toolbox and choose a bright yellow in the Color Picker (the build shown here is R=252, G=252, B=2). Fill your Background layer with this yellow color by pressing Option-Delete (PC: Alt-Backspace).