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The View Menu > Hide Path - Pg. 147

The View Menu 147 Hide Edges Menu:ViewHide Edges Mac:Cmd + H Win:Ctrl + H Hide Extras Menu:ViewShow Extras Mac:Cmd + H Win:Ctrl + H In Photoshop 6 and 7, this shortcut hides all the items in the ViewShow menu: Selection, Target Path, Grid, Guides, Annotations, and Slices. In Photoshop 6, this command is also listed as ViewHide Extras, and in Photoshop 7, it has been renamed simply Extras with a checkbox to indicate visibility. By default, they are all checked, and only checked items are toggled by this com- mand. Unchecked items are manually toggled as they have been in previous versions. (The extras that need to be manually toggled have angle brackets in the menu to indicate this, such as <Guides>.)