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Chapter 4. Working with Vectors > Working with Paths

Working with Paths

Two types of paths are available in Fireworks: open paths and closed paths. You create open paths with the Line tool, the Pen tool, and the Brush tool. The Basic Shape tools create closed paths. You can convert open paths to closed paths by cutting them with the Knife tool.

Path Stroke

By default, the path is set to have a stroke of black, one-pixel hardness and is 1-pixel thick. You can also change the stroke attribute by using the Stroke panel. For more information, see Chapter 2 and Chapter 5.

Selecting Paths

You can select path in two ways. Using the regular Selection tool selects the entire path. Using the Subselection tool selects anchor points (or vectors) of paths.

When you click the anchor points of the path (which looks like the end point of the line to you and me), you can drag them around the canvas to reposition the length, width, height, and rotation (see Figure 4.14).

Figure 4.14. The anchor points are selected from a path.

Reshaping and Modifying Paths

After you draw a line, you are not stuck with its position, length, or direction. By using the Subselection tool, you can modify the path infinitely:

Select the Subselection tool from the Tools panel.

Click the vector path.

Notice that the path highlights and the anchor points turn white.

Directly click one of the points and drag that point around on the canvas to change the vector shape.

Click the line and drag it around on the canvas to reposition the line segment without distorting it.


Interested in mastering the Pen tool? You have to check out the mega drawing lesson on the CD-ROM.

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