What's New and Different in Fireworks MX Photoshop 9 Fireworks MX now has Photoshop text support, which means that you have round-trip Photoshop text. When Photoshop text is saved, a cache of the text is saved in the file. Fireworks can open text objects that are created in Photoshop and keep them editable. It also saves its own bitmap cache for text that opens in Photoshop, and allows for files to go from a PC to a Mac and vice versa. This makes it easy for people to share files without turning text to paths. Dreamweaver With the release of Dreamweaver MX, you find several improvements, including those made to masking features. Now, the Mask icon indicates black for hiding objects and white for revealing objects instead of the other way around. A variable zoom feature lets you zoom in to the exact percentage that you want, instead of snapping to the zoom presets. Image placeholders, like a for- position-only object, allows you to mock up an idea in Dreamweaver where a graphic is needed and, by placing this image placeholder and clicking it, you can export it into Fireworks, where you can design an image at the exact size. Now, there is slice-level HTML cell properties, which means any changes that you make to your table from Fireworks into Dreamweaver, and any changes that you make inside of the TD tag, are maintained when you edit the table into Fireworks and then return to Dreamweaver. Another Dreamweaver update that impacts Fireworks is automatic checkout . Automatic checkout allows graphics to be fixed without re-exporting the entire batch. Fireworks now sports gradient transparency that allows gradient areas to be added to the color ramp, which is similar to the way a new color is added to the ramp (by using a gradient transparency well). The new version of Fire- works opens Freehand 10 files. There is also a new control for paragraph spacing within the text editor. A new tool for blur and sharpen is now in the bitmap tools area, and there is also text-image