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Creating New Documents

Creating a new document in Fireworks is easy. Just follow these steps:

Launch the program. Simply choose File, New or click the New button on the main toolbar. You can also press the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-N for Windows or Command-N for Macintosh.

The New Document dialog box appears, requesting input for the size and resolution of the document (see Figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1. The New Document dialog box.

Type the width and height to set the width and height of the canvas.

Choose the unit of measurement by using the pop-up menus. You can choose between pixels, inches, or centimeters.

Set the resolution to 72 pixels/inch, which is the resolution to create web and multimedia screen graphics.

Higher resolutions are needed to create print graphics. If you don’t know what resolution to choose for your project’s output type, ask your service bureau or printer for their recommendation.

Set the canvas color by clicking one the radio buttons (White, Transparent, or Custom).

Choose the Custom radio button and click the Color box to open the color pop-up window, which is set to Color Cubes by default. This palette contains the web-safe palette and some duplicates. Move your eyedropper tool around the panel to choose a color. You can also choose from any color on your monitor screen.

Click the arrow at the top right of the color pop-up window to choose a different color panel arrangement. These include the Swatches Panel, Color Cubes, Continuous Tone, Windows OS, Mac OS, Gray Scale, or Snap to Web Colors (see Figure 3.2).

Figure 3.2. The New Document dialog box with the color box selected and the color panel arrangements revealed.

You can also click the small color wheel, which launches the System Color Picker. You can mix colors through two models: Hue, Saturation, Luminance or Red, Green, Blue (see Figure 3.3). (On a Macintosh, you can use the HTML System Color Picker.)

Figure 3.3. The New Document dialog box with Color Wheel button and System Color Picker revealed.

Click OK to set up your new document. It is named untitled.png by default.



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