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Chapter 13. Optimization > Optimizing and Exporting to GIF

Optimizing and Exporting to GIF

In this example, you optimize and export a Fireworks PNG file using the GIF file format:

Open the file called bee_button.png from the Exercises/13 folder on the CD-ROM, and save it to your hard drive. Click the Preview tab.

The artwork contains components that make up a simple button, and vector objects including rectangles, paths, groups, and text. Because the artwork employs flat color areas and no shading or gradients, it is best optimized using GIF compression.

Display the Optimize panel if it is not already showing (choose Window, Optimize, or click the Show Optimize icon in the mini-launcher).

Click the Zoom tool in the Tools panel, and click on the bee graphic to magnify the preview.

Use Alt/option, click to zoom out. You can pan the preview area by selecting the Hand tool and clicking and dragging in the preview, or you can hold down the space bar and click and drag in the preview.

Click the 4-Up tab.

Each of the panes in the Document window can be set as the active panel by clicking inside it. Click inside one of the panels. A black line appears around the pane, which indicates that it is active.

Notice that all previews are magnified to the same amount. When you pan, all previews pan simultaneously, displaying the same portion of the image. This allows you to compare optimization settings in the two or four panels.

In the Optimize panel, click in the Settings box to display the Presets pop-up menu and select WebSnap Adaptive 128.

The Color box displays 128, which is the maximum number of colors that can be used in this palette. Below the Color Table and to the right is the number 116. That number represents the actual colors from the graphic that are used in the palette.

Also, the readout below the Preview panel indicates that the file size is 1.28K and the download time is negligible.

Click another pane, then click in the Settings box to get the pop-up menu, and select GIF Web 216.

The maximum number of colors indicates 216 and the actual number is 37. The file size has changed to 914 bytes, which is a minor decrease.

Click the third pane. Change the maximum colors to 16.

The graphic still looks good and the file size is now 708 bytes. While two-tenths of a kilobyte might not seem like much, little numbers like this multiplied across all the graphics within a page really add up.

Choose another pane, and click the Dither check box on and off.

This shaves a hair off the file size. In this case, the dithering option doesn’t enhance the graphic.

Click the pane with 16 Colors and no dithering to make this pane active.



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