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Chapter 2. Interface, Tools, and Workspa... > More Fireworks MX Interface Goodies

More Fireworks MX Interface Goodies

Now for a bit of the nitty-gritty details. I know how much you love pushing buttons, right? Well, here’s the rundown of common Fireworks interface elements:

  • Tabs— Tabs are handles for panels and reside at the top of every panel, just under the title bars (see Figure 2.33).

    Figure 2.33. Panel tabs.

  • Pop-up menus— Pop-up menus appear on panels that offer a number of different options for a particular preference (see Figure 2.34).

    Figure 2.34. Pop-up menu.


    This is not to be confused with the JavaScript behavior “Set Pop-up Menu.”

  • Help button— When you click the Help button on floating panels, the Fireworks Help System launches and opens a page that describes how to use the features on the currently selected panel (see Figure 2.35).

    Figure 2.35. The Help button.

  • Check boxes— You can enable and disable options by clicking on and clicking off the check boxes (see Figure 2.36).

    Figure 2.36. The Checkbox button.

  • Numeric sliders— Change numbers by clicking and dragging the arrow up and down (see Figure 2.37).

    Figure 2.37. The numeric slider.

  • Color boxes— Click directly on the Color box to bring up a pop-up window, which is known as the Color pop-up window, and choose a color (see Figure 2.38).

    Figure 2.38. The Color box.

    Select a new color by moving the cursor around within the window or by using the eyedropper cursor that appears when the Color pop-up window is open. Or access the system color picker by clicking the multicolored circle at the top right of the window, or type a hexadecimal color into the field at the top of the window. You can choose no color by clicking the box with the red line passing diagonally through it.

    You can also click the Color Picker button to open the operating system’s color palette. There is also an option for no color represented by a white square with a red line passing diagonally through it.

  • Text boxes— As previously mentioned, you can enter values directly into the text boxes (see Figure 2.39). Always make sure that you press Enter to tell Fireworks to accept the input you type; otherwise, it won’t be applied.

    Figure 2.39. The Text Entry box.

  • Option lists— To select an option out of the available choices, click the current panel’s Options pop-up menu’s arrow button to view the options from which you can now select (see Figure 2.40).

    Figure 2.40. The Layers panel option list.



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