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Chapter 14. Exporting > Exporting Files for Work in Another Application - Pg. 348

Exporting 7. Click Save. 348 Exporting Files for Work in Another Application As a program that exports both images and HTML code, Fireworks is an excellent resource for creating web pages. Because the pages generated are fully functional at export, you can choose to finish there. However, you might also want to refine and extend the HTML and JavaScript that's generated by Fireworks. You can do this by using additional applications, such as Dreamweaver and HomeSite, in conjunction with Fireworks. While the process for saving files for use across mul- tiple applications is similar, some differences exist. Whether you choose to export for a given pro- gram, or copy using the Clipboard, it is important to know the editor that you intend to use before exporting your HTML and JavaScript. Working with Macromedia Dreamweaver Because of the extensive integration between Dreamweaver and Fireworks, both exporting and copying Fireworks HTML for use in Dreamweaver are identical to exporting and copying HTML in general (see the section, "Exporting HTML"). The key to successful integration with a Dreamweaver file is selecting the appropriate HTML type in the HTML Setup dialog box. Additionally, the Fireworks HTML can be exported as a Dreamweaver Library. To export or copy Fireworks HTML for use in Dreamweaver, follow these steps: 1. Initiate export of copy using File, Export or Quick Export, Copy HTML Code (see the sections, "Exporting HTML" and "Copying HTML Code" for clarification). (When using the copy method,