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A special thanks to all the wonderful and loving people who have helped me, directly and indirectly, with this book. Each contribution was unique, subtle, and important. Your support of me and my work is not taken for granted.

With great love, gratitude, and respect to:

My parents, Michael and Ruth Rudner.

Aaron Rudner, my first best friend and #1 member of our mutual admiration society!

Jennifer Michals, my best friend with benefits. Thank you for sharing your heart, your humor, your strong support, your patience, and your vision.

My contributing authors and editors: Lise LaTorre, Lori Denning and Mary Rich, and Steven Grosvenor. Thank you for your excellent and hard work, and for caring as much as I do about sharing knowledge.

A special thank you to my technical editors, Mark Haynes and Ram Ganesh, for your incredible knowledge and guidance. You are so great!

David Morris and The Macromedia Fireworks MX team: Thanks for your brilliance and hard work to create a product that allows me to say, “I love my work!”

To Diana Smedley for saying something good about me to the right person at the right time so that I eventually wound up here!

The folks at New Riders Publishing, including Linda Bump, John Rahm, Victoria Elzey, and Jennifer Eberhardt. Thank you for the opportunity to learn, teach, and write about my passion in the form of this book. I will say another big thank you in advance for all that I do not know will come from this work in the future!

Sally Smith of Connect Learning for empowering me to self leadership, for inspiring me in so many ways, for countless amazing and wonderful hours of your time, and for believing in me.

The folks at Ciber Training: Lesley Grizzell, Bill Ramirez, Amy Shen, and Jennifer Murray. Thank you for your support, encouragement, and for believing in me.

My friends and associates, Steve McGuire, John Ulliman, Jennifer Gertz, Pippa Green, Kathy Klein, Fred Delisios, Carl Merchant, deAnna Harper, Lisa Kaplan, Dr. Lenny Cocco, and Patricia McDade.

My grandparents, Abraham Binder and Golda Riva Goldstein Binder Klein, and Hanna Garber Rudner and Harry Rudner.

Dana Hope Margolis, for your support, coaching, guidance, love, and for helping me to “be” in the best way possible.

My beloved Guru Mayi, Baba and Bagawan for your grace, compassion, guidance, protection, and for giving me the inner knowledge, vision, and experience of Muktananda and Chidvilasananda. I will never stop thanking your golden heart and laying my head at your lotus feet.

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