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Hour 13. Paths > Workshop



Q1:How can I use paths to draw shapes onto my pictures?
A1: Choose the Shape tool that's appropriate, and choose Shape Layer on the Tool Options bar. Your shape will appear on a new layer in the foreground color. To draw a custom shape, select the appropriate Pen tool and draw the path you need. After you have placed the path, stroke it or fill it as necessary.
Q2:What does the Magnetic Pen do that the other Pen tools don't?
A2: The Magnetic Pen bases its selection on contrast. This automates path creation to some degree because you don't have to rely on your own hand-eye coordination to follow a complex path.
Q3:How do I know what tolerance to set when I convert a path to a selection?
A3: That depends on how smooth—or how accurate—you want the finished path to be. A tolerance of 1 pixel or less will make the path follow the selection as precisely as possible. A tolerance of 5–10 will give you a smoothed-out path, following your selection to within 5 to 10 pixels.


1:What does it mean to stroke a path?
  1. Using the points and Bézier handles to refine its shape

  2. Adding a color to it so it becomes a line

  3. Painting over it with short strokes

2:How do you turn a selection into a path?
  1. Select it and press Command+P

  2. Select Make Work Path from the Paths palette menu

  3. Line it with bricks

3:What does the Rubber Band option do?
  1. Makes your paths visible as you click the mouse

  2. Makes paths spring back to a straight line when clicked

  3. Makes lines “stretchy”



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