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Q1:Which kinds of files compress better as GIF than as JPEG or PNG?
A1: Because GIF uses a limited palette, any picture that has only a few colors will give you a smaller file as a GIF than in the other formats. Such graphics items as titles in flat colors, logos, charts and graphs, or line art will make very small GIFs. Full-color photos will not.
Q2:When should I use Save a Copy?
A2: Use Save a Copy when you want to make a copy of the picture you are working on and then continue to work on the original instead of the copy. Suppose that I have a picture called Roses, which I have worked on and saved. If I save a copy as Roses copy, and then keep working, I will still be working on the original Roses but will also have a copy of the picture in a closed file as it was before I did the additional work.
Q3:What file formats should I use for images I'll be putting in my Web page?
A3: You should try to stick with native Photoshop files when creating your images. This enables you to use all the powerful Photoshop CS2 editing features, such as layers. When you've finished your image, save it as a GIF, JPEG, or PNG for use on the Web.
Q4:How does color depth affect image file size?
A4: Simply put, the more colors that your image's color mode can support, the larger the file size because it takes more bits to encode more colors.


1:BMP is
  1. A PC format that stands for bitmap

  2. A Macintosh format that stands for bump

  3. A UNIX code for better management program

2:GIFs are
  1. A format used mainly on the Web

  2. The Macintosh graphics format

  3. The little images used as icons on the desktop

3:TIFF stands for
  1. Tiled Image Format

  2. Tagged Image File Format

  3. Typical Information Font

4:To use a scanned image,
  1. Use File→Open Scanner

  2. With Photoshop open, turn on the scanner

  3. Use File→Import→TWAIN (or your scanner plug-in)



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