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Hour 11. Layers > Workshop



Q1:How can I convert a Background layer to a transparent layer?
A1: The easy way is to rename it. If you double-click the Background layer in the Layers palette, you open its dialog box. By default, it appears as Layer 0. If you click OK, it is renamed and won't be a Background layer.
Q2:Can I add a Background layer to an image that doesn't have one?
A2: Yes. Use Layer→New→Background From Layer to convert the active layer into a Background layer.
Q3:Can I have more than one Background layer?
A3: Sorry, only one per document.
Q4:How many layer groups can I have?
A4: As many as you have layers, for all practical purposes.
Q5:When I went to change the size of the thumbnails by opening Palette Options, I also pressed the Option/Alt key by mistake. Something strange happened. What was that about?
A5: Congratulations! You discovered one of Photoshop's hidden Easter Eggs! Easter Eggs are little goodies put in by the programmers to add some extra fun for users. You discovered Merlin! If you open the About Adobe Photoshop screen and wait for a bit, you'll see another one. After a while, the credits will begin to roll. You can speed them up by pressing Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows). Watch for the last credit. It's a good one. Macintosh users: Click over the word Adobe and wait after the credits scroll. There are some cute quotes. (Sorry, PC folks. It's a Macintosh thing.)


1:How many layers can you have?
  1. 10

  2. 100

  3. 999

  4. It depends on how much RAM you have.

2:The active layer is
  1. The layer on top

  2. The layer that's highlighted on the Layers palette

  3. The layer with an eye icon

3:To hide a layer
  1. Drag it to the trash can.

  2. Press H.

  3. Click the eye icon to close it.



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