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Hour 11. Layers > Summary - Pg. 188

Layers Transferring Layered Images to ImageReady If you're working on an image for use on a web page, you'll probably want to do the initial work in Photoshop and then jump into ImageReady to save it for Web use. You can transfer layered images between Photoshop and ImageReady by simply clicking the Edit in ImageReady button at the bottom of the toolbox. All layers, layer masks, layer effects, and adjustment layers are preserved. (Adjustment layers can be applied and edited only in Photoshop, but can be viewed in ImageReady.) Layer Styles Photoshop and ImageReady both include layer styles, a number of automated effects that you can apply to layers, including drop shadows, glows, beveling, and embossing, as well as a color fill effect. You've already tried the Inner Bevel style on the mayonnaise. ImageReady also includes pattern and gradient layer effects. Fig-ure 11.18 shows the Photoshop Layer Style submenu. Figure 11.18. Most of these styles are best used with type or with a selected object.