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Part 1. Getting Started with Photoshop > Task 7 How to Browse Files in Bridge - Pg. 44

Getting Started with Photoshop 44 Task 7 How to Browse Files in Bridge Adobe Bridge is the new replacement for the file browser. Because it is a separate application from Photoshop, it offers many advantages over the file browser, including the capability to be run on its own. It also offers many advantages over the system file browser (Explorer or Selectr) including the capability to preview Raw files and file data. If you have other Adobe Creative Suite applications, they can also use Bridge, and they will add their own set of features. Launch Bridge Bridge can be launched in several ways. It has its own entry under in the Windows Programs menu (double-click the Bridge icon in the Adobe Bridge folder on the Mac), or you can launch it by selecting File, Browse in Photoshop. The easiest way is to click the Go to Bridge button located on the Pho- toshop Options bar next to the Palette Well .