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Part: II Importing and Viewing Items > Importing Items into Photoshop Album

Chapter 5. Importing Items into Photoshop Album


38 Perform an Initial Scan for Media

39 Import Media from a Folder

40 Import Media from a CD-ROM or DVD

41 Import Images from a Digital Camera

42 Import a Scanned Image

43 Remove an Item from the Catalog

44 “Reimport” Moved Files

45 Back Up the Photoshop Album Catalog

46 Create a New Catalog

47 Copy Items onto CD-ROM or DVD

Up to this point, this book has concentrated on the skills you need to take great-looking digital photographs. By now you have probably accumulated quite a collection of images, and that's where Photoshop Album comes in. With Photoshop Album, you can organize your images quickly and easily locate them later. At the heart of Photoshop Album is its catalog—in the catalog, you can organize all your images, regardless of their location, into whatever categories you choose. For example, if you want to organize all the photos of your son into one folder, you can, even if those photos are stored in various locations on the hard disk and on several CDs or DVDs. Of course, to keep Photoshop Album running smoothly, you must keep its catalog in order, so in this chapter you'll learn not only how to add images to the catalog, but to remove them when needed, to update the catalog when an image's location has changed, and to back up the catalog listing periodically. If several people use a single computer, you can create multiple catalogs, each with its own way of organizing the same (or even different) images. Finally, you'll learn how to back up the images themselves onto CD-ROM or DVD—a good practice that ensures that your photos are protected should something happen to the originals.



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