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Hour 14. Repairing Black-and-White Pictu... > Task: Using the Dodge and Burn Tools

Task: Using the Dodge and Burn Tools

Before we go on, let’s practice with the Dodge and Burn tools.

Open a new page in Elements. Make sure it has a white background. The default size is fine.

Click the Brush tool. Choose a medium large paintbrush from the drop-down list, and set Mode to Normal and Opacity to 100%. Select a paint color by clicking the Foreground swatch on the toolbar. Use middle gray or a medium value of any color you want. Click on the image and drag to make a squiggle of paint across the page, as in Figure 14.9.

Figure 14.9. You can use a blank image for practice.

Select the Dodge tool. Because it uses brush shapes, choose a large soft brush and set the Range to Midtones and the Exposure to 50%, as shown in Figure 14.10.

Figure 14.10. Setting the dodge tool options.

Hold down the mouse button as you move the tool a few times up and down across the line. Each time you go over an area it lightens more. In Figure 14.11, I’ve nearly erased a piece of the line.

Figure 14.11. The tool only works when it’s moving.

Now switch to the Burn tool, keeping the same options. Drag it over a different piece of the line. See how each pass darkens the line. (It’s actually increasing the saturation of color, which has the effect of making the line look darker.) Figure 14.12 shows what this looks like.

Figure 14.12. The rule to remember: Burning darkens; dodging lightens.

Practice with both the Dodge and Burn tools. See if you can put back the area you dodged out, and lighten the burned area to match the rest.



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