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Hour 5. Making Selections and Using Layers > Task: Experimenting with Layers

Task: Experimenting with Layers

Start a new image (default size is fine). Open the Layers palette and drag it away from the palette well, so that it stays open on the screen.

Click the New Layer icon at the bottom of the palette. Now, you have Layer 1 on top of the background.

Go back to the background for a moment by clicking on the word “Background” on the Layers palette, and pour a color into it. To do this, set the foreground color to something light by first clicking its swatch and then choosing a color from the Color Picker. Select the Paint Bucket and click on the background. (Yes, you can use the Paint Bucket to fill a layer with color just as you can use it to fill a selection marquee or drawn object. You can also use the Edit, Fill command to fill a layer.)

Notice that, on the far left, the palette shows a brush on the active layer, and each layer has an open eye, indicating that both layers are visible. Click Layer 1 again, and see the brush move up to it.

Draw a large star with the Polygonal Lasso tool and fill it with a color that is darker than your background. To do this, click the arrow on the Lasso tool and select the Polygonal Lasso tool. Click once in the layer to establish the first star point. Click to draw each side of the star and double-click to complete the last side. To fill it with color, select a darker foreground color, click the Paint Bucket, and then click inside the star. At this point, your screen and Layers palette will look something like Figure 5.17.

Figure 5.17. Layer 1 is active, because that’s where the brush is.

Click the eye next to the Background thumbnail. The background disappears, being replaced by a gray checkerboard indicating transparency. That happens because Layer 1 is transparent until you put something on it. If you look closely at the thumbnail, you will see the star you painted. Click the eye again to bring back the background. Save and close your star image.



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