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Hour 20. Making Composite Images > Task: Painting with Hot Metal

Task: Painting with Hot Metal

Now that you know how to use the built-in features of Elements, let’s try a bit of painting. I’ve already set up a default Elements image, 5×7 inches with a white background.

First, we need a background. Open the Layer Styles palette and browse through the Patterns and Complex categories. They both cover the layer with a pattern, so styles in either category will work here. Click the one you like. Because Elements won’t allow you to put a style on a background layer, you’ll have to approve changing the background to Layer 0. (Elements automatically suggests an alternative whenever you try to do something unacceptable.)

Now you can place the pattern on the background. I chose the Complex style, Purple and Magenta (see Figure 20.36). Just click on it and the screen automatically fills with purple marble.

Figure 20.36. My rendition of a favorite feline.

Okay, let’s go for the gold. Add a new layer, and choose a comfortably sized brush. Because you’re going to be painting with a hard-edged medium (metal), you need to use a hard-edged brush.

Paint whatever you like. I’m partial to cats. When the painting is at least partially done, apply the Complex, Molten Gold layer style. The paint will turn to gold. (I sure wish that worked on my bank account.) Use the Brush and eraser as needed to refine the picture.

The cat seems a little flat. Fortunately, you can access Style Settings (by double-clicking the cursive f on the Layers palette or choosing Layer, Layer Style, Style Settings) and make some changes. These will also affect the pattern of light and shadow on the gold. I raised the Bevel Size to 117 and the Shadow Distance to 17. Then I cropped the picture, changed to Layer 0, opened the Style Settings dialog box, and raised the Bevel Size of the purple background to 24. Figure 20.37 shows the result.

Figure 20.37. No cats were harmed in the making of this picture.



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