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Hour 20. Making Composite Images > Task: Add Layer Styles and Adjustment Layers...

Task: Add Layer Styles and Adjustment Layers to Our Umbrella

To practice what we know about layer styles and adjustment layers, let’s edit the image of the umbrella in the rain.

Open the umbrella.psd file you created in Hour 19, “Creating Art from Scratch.”

Change to the background layer. Select a rainy-day medium bluish gray as the foreground color, and use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the background with paint. This will cover over the rain we created earlier, but we’ll add it back with a layer style.

Open the Layer Styles palette (Window, Layer Styles). Select the Image Effects category, and click the Rain thumbnail. You’ll be asked whether you want to make the background a regular layer; click OK to proceed. Type Rain in the Name box and click OK. The image should look like Figure 20.6.

Figure 20.6. Rain, rain, go away.

Well, not bad. But I’d like to darken the sky a bit without darkening the umbrella. If I use the Enhance, Adjust Brightness/Contrast, Brightness/Contrast command right now, it will only darken the rain layer, and not the umbrella. However, I’d like to prevent the sky under the umbrella from getting darkened as well, so let’s use an adjustment layer instead. First, select the area under the umbrella using the Rectangular Marquee tool. We don’t have to worry if we select any part of the umbrella, because it won’t be affected by the adjustment layer anyway.

Because any part we don’t select will be masked when we create the adjustment layer, choose Select, Inverse to invert the selection and place the marquee around the entire sky except for the area under the umbrella.

Choose Layer, New Adjustment Layer, Brightness/Contrast. You can change the name of the new layer if you want, but I think I’ll just leave it. We don’t need to turn on the Group with Previous Layer option because the rain layer is the only layer below this one, so just click OK.

Drag the Brightness slider to the left, darkening the sky so that it’s almost night, but not quite. I set my Brightness at –22. Click OK. The result is shown in Figure 20.7.

Figure 20.7. Well, at least I’m staying dry.



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