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Hour 21. Going Wild with Your Images > Task: Creating Gold Type from Scratch

Task: Creating Gold Type from Scratch

Open a new page and set some appropriate type. In this case, appropriate means fairly heavy. If you’re going for gold, go for lots of it.

Set the foreground color to yellow and the background color to light brown.

Select the type. Select the Gradient tool and choose the first default gradient, which is Foreground to Background. (See Figure 21.11.) Unlike the Gradient Map, which switches colors in an image, the Gradient tool applies a gradient fill to the current selection or active layer.

Figure 21.11. Choose the Foreground to Background gradient.

Use the Gradient tool to draw a vertical line over the type, from the top down. You should have nice light-to-dark gold letters, as in Figure 21.12.

Figure 21.12. Golden words.

But I want a bit of texture on my letters. Go to Filter, Texture, Craquelure, and apply it with the settings shown in Figure 21.13.

Figure 21.13. Even better....

Go to the Layer Styles palette to add some depth. I like the look of the Simple Sharp Inner Bevel, so I’ll use that, plus a small drop shadow. Figure 21.14 shows the final piece of molten gold lettering.

Figure 21.14. I probably shouldn’t have patted the duck.

There are, of course, other metals in our arsenal. Brass is very similar to gold, except that the darker brown has a touch of green in it, and the yellow should be lighter and brighter for gradient blending purposes. Adding a small amount of Gaussian noise with the Add Noise filter gives the brass a nice texture, and of course, we’ll do the bevel and drop shadow thing, giving us the result in Figure 21.15.



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