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Hour 6. Adding Type > Task: Applying Layer Styles to Text

Task: Applying Layer Styles to Text

Start with a new image. Use the default size, with a white background and RGB color.

Click the Horizontal Text tool. Using the Options bar, select a serif font and set the point size to 128. Set the font color to blue by clicking the color swatch at the end of the Options bar and choosing blue from the Color Picker.

Click along the left side of the image and type your name. Click the check mark button to indicate when you have finished typing. (If your name is too long to fit, change the text size using the Options bar.)

Open the Layers palette. Notice that Elements creates a new text layer for you, as indicated by the T thumbnail on the left.

Make sure that the text layer is active, then open the Layer Styles palette. Select Drop Shadow from the list. Click the Soft Edge icon to apply a soft shadow.

Select Glass Buttons from the list, and click the Yellow Glass icon. Notice how the text changes to green when the yellow color is placed on top of blue. Some layer styles completely override the text color, while others add to it.

Click the Clear Style button to remove all layer styles.

Select Outer Glows, and click the Heavy icon. Hmmm. Nothing seems to have happened.

Open the Layers palette, and change to the background layer. Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the layer with red paint. Ahhh. Now we can see the glow. It just needed something to contrast with.

Open the Layers palette and change back to the text layer. Choose Layer, Layer Style, Style Settings. Reduce the Outer Glow Size to 10.

Save the image with the filename Glowing Name.psd and close it.



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