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Chapter 26. Case Study: FMS—Monitor and ... > Plan View and Temperature Zones

Plan View and Temperature Zones

Adding temperature zones to the second floor plan is similar. We add LWPOLYLINE entities to the 1.3a.dwg AutoCAD file on three layers called zone1, zone2, and zone3. These layers are then placed in a new file using the AutoCAD WBLOCK command. After translating this zone.dxf file to SVG, we copy our zone elements into 1.3a.svg. We can then make a few modifications to the header and to the zone g elements of 1.3a.svg, as shown in Listing 26.6.

Listing 26.6. Adding Zone Polygons to 1.3a.svg

<svg id="svgAll" width="900" height="600" style="shape-rendering:optimizeSpeed;
text-rendering:optimizeSpeed; image-rendering:optimizeSpeed"
viewBox="-48.608758 -2295.2036 3521.5775 2331.8821" xml:space="preserve"
  onload="on_load(evt)" onzoom="onZoom(evt)"
<script xlink:href="../js/fms.js" type="text/ecmascript"/>
<g id="zones" onmousemove="mousemove(evt)" style="fill:magenta;fill-opacity:0">
    <polyline fms:link="zone1" onmouseover="over(evt)" onmouseout="out(evt)"
onclick="click(evt)" points="2115.973168482447,-1196.742022460513
2121.087990623123,-1706.149676578562 2081.473168482448,-1706.149676578562
2081.473168482448,-1722.83635067497 1049.473168482447,-1722.83635067497
1049.473168482447,-1706.024676578568 1025.473168482447,-1706.024676578568
1025.473168482447,-1196.524676578568 2115.973168482447,-1196.742022460513"/>
</g><!--zones  -->




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