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Hour 5. Editing Bitmap Graphics > Selection Options

Selection Options

There are also a number of important selection options available from the Select menu. Most are available only when an area of a bitmap object is selected. Superselect and Subselect are for working with groups of objects and will be discussed in Part III (Hours 7 through 10), “Graphic Design: Working with Art and Text.”

Select All— Select All can be used with the Pointer tool or with the Marquee tool. When the Pointer tool is chosen, Select All will select all the objects on active layers. To select all the pixels in a bitmap object, double-click the object with the Pointer tool to switch to the Marquee tool and choose Select All. You can press Control+A (Windows) or Command+A (Macintosh) for Select All.

Deselect— Deselect clears any object or marquee selections. Press Control+D (Windows) or Command+D (Macintosh) to deselect any objects or pixels. This does not change the content of the selection in any way.

Select Similar— Select Similar is like the Magic Wand tool but averages the chosen color from the current selection and then adds all similar colors in the object to the selection.

Select Inverse— Select Inverse is an important tool. It selects all the pixels in the bitmap object that aren’t selected and deselects the pixels in the current selection. For Select Inverse press Control+Shift+I (Windows) or Command+Shift+I (Macintosh).

Feather— Feather changes the feathering around an existing marquee. After selecting Feather from the Select menu, you will be prompted for a value in pixels, which determines the amount of feathering around the selection.

Expand Marquee— Expand Marquee expands the area of the selection by the specified number of pixels.

Contract Marquee— The inverse of Expand Marquee, this contracts the selection area by the specified number of pixels.

Border Marquee— Border Marquee changes the selection into a new selection that borders on the original selection. The width of the border is specified in pixels.

Smooth Marquee— Smooth Marquee removes any jagged edges from the shape of the selection by resampling the marquee. Smoothing a marquee will eliminate excess pixels along the edges of a pixel selection. This is most useful if excess pixels appear along the border of a pixel selection when you have used the Magic Wand tool.

Save Selection— Save Selection saves the current marquee selection with the bitmap object so you can come back to it later.

Restore Selection— Restore Selection restores the selection saved with a bitmap object.



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