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Hour 21. Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady > Opening a PNG File into ImageReady

Opening a PNG File into ImageReady

In this section you will look at a Fireworks layout that has been saved as a PNG file, which can then be opened in ImageReady for further editing and Web preparation. In ImageReady you can directly add PSD files to an existing layout. You then reexport the file to Fireworks or else save it directly for Web usage.

Open ImageReady and then choose Open from the File menu.

Locate the Fireworks file you wish to open. A preview should appear in the dialog, as shown in Figure 21.8.

Figure 21.8. A preview is shown before a PNG file is opened in ImageReady.

Click Open to continue.

If necessary, use the View menu to adjust the on-screen size of the image for editing. You will find that files opened in ImageReady tend to be around 50%.

After the file is in ImageReady, you can add PSD files directly from Photoshop, if required. This is handy if you have some prepared images already in Photoshop format that you want to add to your layout.

Use the Jump To command to open the file in Photoshop and complete any designing you want. As the two applications work hand in hand, you are able to work between them in the same way that Fireworks and Dreamweaver can.

In Photoshop apply any plug-ins, filters, or effects that you may want to use. As the image was opened in ImageReady, you can use all Photoshop filters, even those that are not compatible with Fireworks.

If you do not intend to return the file to Fireworks, simply jump back to ImageReady to create slices, hotspots, or links that you want in the file.

Save the file back to Fireworks for optimization and Web preparation.



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