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Q1:Let's do some more practice with the Airbrush, Brush, and Eraser. Follow along with these steps:
Start by opening a new page. Make it at least six inches square so that you have room to work.

Click the Brush in the toolbox. Set your opacity to 100%, choose a medium size, hard-edged brush, and draw a star.

Click the check box to turn on Wet Edges and draw another star.

Choose a soft-edged brush and draw another star.

Now turn off Wet Edges and draw another star with the soft-edged brush. Your result should look something like Figure 7.18.

Figure 7.18. Four kinds of brush strokes.

Okay, it's not great art, but you have four distinctly different brush looks.

Scroll to the top of the History palette and click the blank page labeled New. This returns to your freshly opened page, minus stars. (It's a quick way to erase everything.)

Press J to activate the Airbrush. Set the pressure to 100%, and draw a star.

Set the pressure to 50%, by typing the number 5, and draw another star. (You can change Brush Opacity settings by typing a number, too.)

Change brushes. If you have been using a soft-edged brush with the Airbrush, try a hard one, or vice versa. Draw more stars with different brushes and pressure settings.

Press E to bring up the Eraser. Set the Eraser mode to Brush and the Opacity to 50%. (Type the number 5.) Try to erase one of your stars. Don't click the mouse more than once while you're erasing.

Change the Opacity to 100%, and erase another star.

Experiment with different settings until you are comfortable with these tools.



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