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Hour 17. Typefaces

Having text rendered in a specific typeface can communicate a visual message in addition to the text's message. Designers have long enjoyed the flexibility of computer-aided design, with extensive letterform control just a few mouse clicks away. When HTML and subsequent online technologies emerged, all that had been viewed as beautiful and promising with digital technology was thrown out the window; suddenly, precise layouts and typographic control were a thing of the past. Generalities ruled the online world.

Choosing between Verdana and Times New Roman often felt like choosing the lesser of two evils in communicating typographically on the Web. Whereas most online standards have fallen short of providing true typographic solutions, SVG stands as a real contender in this arena. By being able to use a specific typeface and have it render for every viewer (not just Netscape 4.73 PC users), SVG is beginning to bring online viewing up to the standards that the offline world has enjoyed for centuries. Thus, in the minds of designers, SVG's typographic control puts it in an entirely different class of interactive technologies.

In this hour, you will learn a considerable amount about typefaces and their inclusion in SVG. Specifically, you will learn

  • The fundamental concepts of typefaces

  • How to apply generic font classifications to your text

  • How to apply system fonts to your text

  • Creating and using SVG Fonts

  • How to alter the quality of your typeface display

Having just learned in the last hour how to incorporate text into your documents, you are now ready to explore how to finesse that text's appearance.



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