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Part: VI SVG Mastery > Organizing and Optimizing Your Code

Hour 20. Organizing and Optimizing Your Code

As you've surely seen by now, whether reviewing HTML code or SVG code, there are a number of different ways to handle the development process and the arrangement of code. The direction in this book has been arrived at through the author's development of several existing commercial applications of SVG. It is important to keep in mind that there are numerous other ways to arrange your code beyond the direction of this book.

For instance, in Hours 13 and 15, you were taught to keep all your animation and interaction elements separate from your content and at the end of the document. This is but one method of handling code arrangement; there are other, and possibly somewhat better, methods available to you.

This hour will focus on some tips concerning the actual development process, somewhat removed from the specifics of the SVG recommendation. Thus, this hour will help design and development teams find an efficient manner in which to begin an SVG project.

You will also learn how to organize and optimize your code, making editing and reviewing your documents considerably easier. These tips are based on experience, but they aren't must-follow rules.

Specifically, you will learn the following lessons this hour:

  • Separation of design and engineering

  • SVG development processes

  • Coding with basic elements to clarify the function of your code

  • Detailing code

  • Commenting code

  • Annotating documents

  • Using consistent terminology

  • Locating document elements

  • Attribute organization

  • Style sheet organization

  • Compressing your SVG documents

Every developer has his or her own preference on code organization and structure. The only definitive rule regarding these issues is to make sure you establish a consistent set of organization and structure rules to your documents.



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