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The Workshop is designed to help you anticipate possible questions, review what you've learned, and begin learning how to put your knowledge into practice.


1: True or False: Filter effects and transformations cannot be animated.
A1: False. Of course filter effects and transformations can be animated! What is true is that certain viewers have a hard time efficiently playing some complex animations. The amount of calculations necessary to display your animating effects or transformations may require more processor muscle than a user's machine has. Be sure to test your animations across several viewers, platforms, and machine specifications to ensure your animation will appear as you desire.
2:What causes the “flickering” of typefaces when an SVG loads?
A2: Type may flicker in SVG when an external typeface hasn't yet loaded and been applied. Embedding the typeface within your document before your text elements ensures that no flicker will occur.
3:Which two style properties render more expediently than opacity?
A3: The fill-opacity and stroke-opacity properties tend to provide better performance when animating their values than does the overall opacity property.
4:True or False: All images exported from Adobe Illustrator as embedded content within an SVG are encoded as JPEG content.
A4: True. Illustrator converts all image data into JPEG image data upon export if it is selected to be embedded, regardless of the image's original format.



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