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  1. Visit our Web site (go to http://www.mcp.com/product_support. Enter this book's ISBN—0672317230—in the text field and click Search.) and download the photo used in this chapter. It's called Fenceposts. Open it and save it in different formats. See how the format affects the file size.

  2. Macintosh users, here's one just for you. You can replace that silly "Welcome to Macintosh" message that pops up when you start your computer with a more interesting picture and/or message. Macintoshes use a type of file called a PICT resource to create "splash screens" that you see when you start the Macintosh or when you start an application. Because Photoshop can save in the PICT resource format, you can make any Photoshop picture into a Startup Screen. Follow these steps:


    If you plan to go back to your original splash screen after you've completed this exercise, open your System folder and remove the existing StartupScreen. File it somewhere else, or change its name to something different and leave it in the folder if you prefer.

    1. Start with any image you like. (If it's not as big as your screen, that's okay. It appears with a gray border.)

    2. Open the File, Save As dialog box.

    3. Choose PICT Resource from the format pop-up menu and click Save.

    4. The PICT Resource dialog box opens.

    5. Name the file StartupScreen. (You must type it exactly that way with both Ss capitalized and no space between the words.)

    6. Choose None from Compression options. Choose a bit depth: 16 bits if your monitor displays thousands of colors, 32 bits if it is a high-resolution monitor and displays millions of colors.

    7. Click OK to save the file.

    8. Drag the file to your System folder and restart. The picture appears when you start the computer. (If you want to revert back to the Welcome to Macintosh screen, remove your new screen from the system folder, rename the old one, and replace it in the system folder.)



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