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Find a photograph that has a good range of dark and light tones, or download this one and work along with us. It's called Boat House and it's waiting for you at the Macmillan downloads area (http://www.mcp/com/product_support). Open it in Photoshop and prepare to use the Toning tools on it.

  1. Click the Dodge tool and then double-click to open its Options window.

  2. Set the intensity to somewhere around 30% and choose a small, soft-edged brush, as we have in Figure 9.16.

    Figure 9.16. This picture needs lightening in the shadow areas, and darkening where there was too much light.

  3. Find a dark area in your photo. Apply the Dodge tool. Press the mouse button and hold as you move the tool.

  4. If one pass wasn't enough, press the mouse button again and reapply the tool. Remember that the effects are cumulative, each time you pass over the area, you remove more of the dark tone. Don't overdo it.

  5. If you find that you have dodged too much and left a light spot, undo your last pass with the Dodge tool. If there's still a light spot, go to the History palette and go back as many steps as you need to. If all else fails, use File, Revert and start over. Lower the intensity and try again.

  6. Now find a light spot and press the letter O to toggle to the Burn tool.

  7. Using the same method you used earlier to dodge, try darkening a light area. If you overdo, undo.

  8. Press Shift+O to toggle to the Sponge tool. Set the pull-down menu in the Options window to Saturate. Find an area in your picture that could use more intense color and apply the sponge.

    Set the Sponge to Desaturate on the Options window pull-down menu. Now find an area that could use less color and use the Sponge tool to remove some. Again, if you go too far, use undo, step back with the History palette, or Revert, if necessary. Figure 9.17 shows the results of this exercise.

    Figure 9.17. We brought out the detail on the balcony and enhanced the people on the dock.

  9. Continue to experiment with these tools until you understand what they do and how to control them by changing the brush size and intensity.



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