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Hour 8. Digital Painting > Quiz Answers - Pg. 126

Digital Painting 126 Quiz 1. Blending involves a. Taking paint and mixing it in a bucket b. Using home appliances c. Being able to blend colors in different ways in Photoshop How many active colors do you have to work with in Photoshop? a. 16 million b. 256 c. 2 2. Quiz Answers 1. 2. c. Photoshop can blend colors much like you would on a canvas with real paint. c. Remember, your foreground and background colors are the active colors, not the total number of colors available. Exercises Because this hour covered picking Color and Blending modes, fire up your Web browser and visit the Museum of Modern Art ( Navigate to the painting and sculpture section and look through their collection. Pay special attention to their use of color and blending effects. (Click on the small images on the index page to see larger versions.) Compare and contrast the use of color and blending in Van Gogh's Starry Night and Rousseau's the Dream. See if you can duplicate Van Gogh's brush strokes. (Wet Edges are part of the secret.)