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Section C.1. iPhoto and the Web

C.1. iPhoto and the Web

  • Apple's iPhoto site features the latest product information, QuickTime tutorials, FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) lists, and camera and printer compatibility charts. There's even a feedback form that goes directly to Apple. In fact, each piece of feedback is read personally by Steve Jobs. (Just a little joke there.) www.apple.com/iphoto

  • Apple's iPhoto support page contains answers to the most common questions, and links to discussion forums where other iPhoto users share knowledge and lend helping hands. www.info.apple.com/support/iphoto

  • VersionTracker is a massive database that tracks, and provides links to, all of the latest software for Mac OS X, including the cool iPhoto add-ons described in this book. www.versiontracker.com

  • The Mac DevCenter features the latest iPhoto techniques for power users and programmers. www.macdevcenter.com

C.1.1. Digital Photo Equipment on the Web

  • Imaging-Resource offers equipment reviews, price comparisons, and forums all dedicated to putting the right digital camera in your hands. www.imaging-resource.com

  • Digital Photography Review is similar: It offers news, reviews, buying guides, photo galleries, and forums. It's a must-visit site for the digicam nut. www.dpreview.com

  • Digital Camera Resource is just what it says: a comprehensive resource page comparing the latest in digital cameras. www.dcresource.com

  • Photo.net offers industry news, galleries, shopping, travel, critique, and community sharing. www.photo.net



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