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Chapter 5. The Digital Shoebox > Information Panel: Titles, Dates, and Comments

5.8. Information Panel: Titles, Dates, and Comments

When the Information panel is visible, as described in the previous section, you may see any number of different displays (Figure 5-11):

  • When a single photo is selected, iPhoto displays that picture's name, rating, creation time and date, dimensions (in pixels), file size, and any comments you've typed.

  • When multiple photos are selected, you see the range of their creation dates, plus how many photos are selected, and how much disk space they occupy.

  • When no photos are selected, the Info area displays information about whatever container is selected in the Source list—the current album or film roll, for example. You get to see the name of the container, the range of dates of its photos, the number of photos, and their total file size on the hard drive.


    When you click the Library at the very top of the Source list, the date-range statistic is really pretty cool. It amounts to a running stopwatch measuring the span of your interest in digital photography (as of the iPhoto era, anyway).

    Similarly, the file size info can be extremely useful when creating backups, copying photos to another disk, or burning CDs. One glance at the Info panel—with no photos selected—tells you exactly how much disk space you'll need to fit the current album, film roll, or library.

  • When a photo-book icon is selected (Chapter 10), you get to see its name, theme, dimensions, number of photos, and number of pages, plus any comments you added.



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