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Project 1. Create Custom Photo Catalogs ... > Create a Collection in the Organizer

Create a Collection in the Organizer

Get started. If you have not already brought your photos into Photoshop Elements 4, now is the time. Go to the Organizer, and choose File > Get Photos > By Searching. Photoshop Elements will find all the photo files in your computer and open them in the Photo Browser. If you want, you can also bring in images from a variety of other sources, such as CDs, cameras, Flash cards, and even mobile phones by just clicking on the Get Photos button in the menubar.

Create a new collection. With all your images now in view, you can find those you want to put in your first collection. Select the Collections tab in the right pane of the Organizer. Click New > New Collection. In the Create Collection dialog box, type the subject name and any notes. Then click OK.

Add your photos. Repeat the process for all the photos you want to put in your collection. To make it easier, pull your images together into a single group and drag them to your new collection. Do this by either pressing the Shift key while selecting (if your images are contiguous) or by pressing the Ctrl key (if they are noncontiguous). Once your images are part of the collection, you will see the Collection icon under it.

Edit the Collection icon. By default each Collection icon will be the first image in the collection. If you want to use another one, click the Edit Collection(). From there, click the Edit Icon button. Use the navigation buttons to select which photo you want, and then crop if desired. Click OK.

Double-click the icon in the Collections pane to view your new collection. That's it!

When you are done, click Back to All Photos to view all your photos.



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