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Part 3: Image Manipulation and Alteration

Part 3: Image Manipulation and Alteration

While tonal and color corrections are important to the overall quality of your image, the chance to really make them shine comes when you start pushing around those pixels. Typically called image manipulation or image alteration, Photoshop gives you all the tools you need to make each picture truly your own. Don't like that tree in the background? Remove it! Unhappy with the color of a purple shirt? Make it blue! With a little planning and an understanding of how these tools work, you'll never have to settle for reality again.


Chapter 6: Artistic Approaches


Burn the edges of your photos to add mood


Paint gradual tones with the Airbrush option


Create convincing reflections


Control visual focus with the Gradient tool


Combine images with the Extract command


Enhance your images with well-placed light


Problem : Solution Remove a complex image from its background


Problem : Solution Remove an object from a photo


Chapter 7: Filters


Using the Filter Gallery


Combining filter layers


Filter your portraits


Add texture with simulated film grain


Problem : Solution Correct color casts


Problem : Solution Modify facial features


Chapter 8: Masks


Use Quick Mask mode to make a selection


Create vignettes with layer masks


Cut out parts of images with layer masks


Editing with vector masks


Problem : Solution Fix accidental silhouettes


Problem : Solution Restore lost highlight detail



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