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Part 2: Essential Image Editing Fixes

Part 2: Essential Image Editing Fixes

Digital images that come from digital cameras or scanners typically suffer from one of two problems. Either they're too soft and require sharpening or they're too crisp and require blurring. In either case, adjusting the sharpness of your image and managing digital noise is crucial to creating a quality image. While these types of adjustments can be the most technical, they're also the most essential. But don't worry—we'll make sense of it all for you.


Chapter 3: Noise and Sharpening


Add noise with the Add Noise filter


Use blending modes to fix digital noise


Keep your digital images noise free


Boost clarity with the Unsharp Mask filter


Problem : Solution Remove noise with Lab color


Problem : Solution Use a brush with the Unsharp Mask filter


Chapter 4: Retouching Techniques


Correct imperfections in digital photos with the Healing Brush


Repair and edit your images with the Patch tool


Clean up color problems with the Sponge tool


Fix flawed architectural images


Problem : Solution Eliminate skin flaws


Problem : Solution Restore color to underexposed areas


Problem : Solution Remove lines and wrinkles


Chapter 5: Optimization and Sizing


Choose the best file formats for the web


Optimize your images to get the best web results


Adjust JPEG web quality with the Modify Quality Setting command


Make precise cropping selections using guides


Optimize your images for use in Microsoft PowerPoint


Problem : Solution Improve blurring in compressed web images


Problem : Solution Improve resampled images for print



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