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Chapter Thirteen. Type > Font Issues

Font Issues

Q1:How do I get a trademark or copyright symbol?
A1: The answer lies in your operating system, because these text functions are not controlled by Photoshop. Depending on your platform, you either press keyboard combinations or go to a “font map” that will help you create the character. The bottom line is that the process is the same for any application.


Copyright (©): Option-G

Trademark (™): Option-2


Copyright (©): Alt-0169

(using the numeric keypad)

Trademark (™): Alt-0153

(using the numeric keypad)

Q2:How do I get fonts to show in Photoshop? I want to have Chinese fonts in my artwork. How do I get these fonts to work in Photoshop?
A2: Fonts are an operating system issue. If the fonts are installed on your computer, they should show up in all your software.
Q3:What is Faux Bold (Faux Italic)?
A3: Faux Bold is an option that lets you add “pretend bold” to a font that does not have a bold version. It is found in the Character palette's flyout menu. Note: Some functions, such as Text Warp and embedding fonts in PDF files, do not work if Faux Bold (or Italic) is used.
Q4:Is there a quick way to scroll through fonts? I've highlighted my type and want to experiment with different fonts.
A4: As long as your text is highlighted with the Type tool (T), go to the Options Bar, highlight the font name in the Font field, and use the Up or Down Arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through the fonts. Note: You do not have to highlight the text with the Type tool for this to work—you can also use the Character palette (Window>Character).
Q5:Is it possible to change my default font? Whenever I click with my Type tool, I get whatever font and size I previously used. Can I change to a standard choice or default?

A5: You can create the equivalent of a default with a tool preset. Change to the font and size you want, and then from the Tool Presets palette (which you open by clicking on the tool thumbnail on the left side of the Options Bar), click on the Create New Tool Preset icon. When using the Type tool (T), you can turn on the Current Tool Only checkbox to see your tool presets for the Type tool only. Choose the appropriate “default” and away you go!



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