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Vanishing Point

Q1:Is it possible to put the results of Vanishing Point on a separate layer?
A1: Yes, but not after the fact, so click on the Create a New Layer icon to add a blank layer before you use Filter>Vanishing Point. Then the results of the filter will automatically be on that layer.
Q2:Is there a way to turn the Vanishing Point grid into pixels I can use?
A2: After drawing the grid in Filter>Vanishing Point, hold down Option (PC: Alt) when you click OK and the grid will be created. Again, if you add a new layer first, the grid will appear on the new layer (see previous question).
Q3:Can I zoom in while I'm drawing the grid or cloning? I know there's a Zoom tool but can I zoom in while in the middle of using a tool?
A3: If you've chosen a tool but haven't started using it yet, you can zoom in using “typical” Photoshop methods: hold down Command-Spacebar (PC: Control-Spacebar) to temporarily activate the Zoom tool, or press Command–+ (Plus Sign) (PC: Control–+) or Command–- (Minus Sign) (PC: Control–-) to zoom in and out. If you've already started using the Create Plane or Stamp tool, press-and-hold X to zoom in closer; let go to return to the previous view.
Q4:Why do the grids appear in different colors as I create them?
A4: The Create Plane tool is “warning” you that the grid you are creating may not work all that well: yellow (like a caution traffic light) suggests that the filter “may” work, while red suggests you should probably not try using the tools. Luckily, as you drag to adjust the grid, the color will change once the grid is in a “better” position. Once it turns blue, you know it's set.
Q5:Why did Vanishing Point close when I pressed Escape? I was trying to get out of my created plane (grid), so I pressed the Escape key, but the whole dialog closed. How come?
A5: You have to remember that Vanishing Point is a filter, and in all filters you press the Escape key to Cancel out of the filters completely. Instead, press Command-Z (PC: Control-Z) to access multiple “undos.”
Q6:How do I change the size of the Stamp tool in Vanishing Point?

A6: You can use the Diameter option at the top of the filter dialog (when you have the tool active), or press the Bracket keys: Right Bracket (]) to make the size larger, Left Bracket ([) to reduce the size.



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