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Q1:How do I crop an image?
A1: You can use the Crop tool (C) or make a selection and use the Image>Crop command.

Crop tool: Click-and-drag to create the cropping area, using the handles to adjust the bounding box. Press Return (PC: Enter) to confirm the cropping or Escape to cancel.

Selection tools: Use any selection tool to make a selection, then go to Image>Crop. (You do not have to use the Marquee tool—any selection tool will work.)

Q2:Is it possible to crop using a feathered selection? I made a Marquee selection that is feathered. Can I still use the Image>Crop command? I didn't think you could.
A2: In previous versions of Photoshop, you couldn't—the Crop command would be grayed out if your selection were feathered. Now you can use the Crop command with feathered selections made with any selection tool.
Q3:Why are the Delete and Hide buttons for the Crop tool grayed out in the Options Bar?

A3: If you only have one layer (Background), you can't take advantage of these choices. In order to be able to use the Hide option, you have to have a layer that is larger than the Background layer (e.g., portions are not visible). Then when you crop, you could choose to hide the cropped areas and could later make those areas visible by using Image>Reveal All.
Q4:How do I get out of the Crop tool?
A4: Press the Escape key to cancel out of cropping.
Q5:Why can't I drag the Crop tool any way I want it? I'm trying to click-and-drag with the Crop tool (C), but it's stopping me from dragging out the size that I want.
A5: Sounds like there's a value entered for the Width and Height fields in the Options Bar, which restricts the operation of the Crop tool. For example, a Width of 2 inches and a Height of 3 inches mean you can only drag a rectangle in a 2x3" ratio. To stop this from happening, hit Escape to cancel the Crop tool, click the Clear button in the Options Bar, and then click-and-drag to any size you want.
Q6:Is there a quick way to hide the shield that appears when I'm cropping?
A6: Press the Forward Slash key (/) to toggle the shield off and on.
Q7:How do I crop to a specific size?
A7: Press C to get the Crop tool, and in the Options Bar, enter the Width and Height you want in the appropriate fields, then click-and-drag on the image. The crop bounding box handles will be on the corners (no handles will appear along the sides of the bounding box), so you can only drag in the shape that's based on your measurements. Press Enter to finalize the crop. Hint: You may want to click Clear once you're done; otherwise, the Crop tool will continue to use the size you entered.
Q8:What's the difference between Crop and Trim?
A8: The Crop command (Image>Crop) is based on your current selection, whereas the Trim command (Image>Trim) offers you choices on how Photoshop trims based on Transparent Pixels, Top Left Pixel Color, or Bottom Right Pixel Color. Using Trim is ideal when you have a small border that's transparent or one color (such as white).
Q9:What is Front Image used for?

A9: The Front Image button (which appears in the Options Bar when you have the Crop tool [C] selected) is used when you want to apply the dimensions and resolution of another image to crop your current image. Open the image that has the dimensions you want to use to crop another image, and then click Front Image. Switch back to the original image and click-and-drag the Crop tool to select the area you want to crop. The Crop tool will be constrainedby the width, height, and resolution of the other document. Once you're done, click the Clear button to remove the measurements from the Options Bar and close your other image.



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