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Q1:How can I stop the Lasso tool from “closing off” by mistake? Sometimes when I'm using the Lasso, I let go of the mouse button by accident and the selection closes off, forcing me to start again. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
A1: Yes, hold down Option (PC: Alt) as you drag the Lasso (L) with the mouse. Now if you let go of the mouse button, the Lasso will not finish the selection. This means you can stop and start dragging without worry.

Note: Holding down Option (PC: Alt) also changes the Lasso tool into the Polygonal Lasso, so if you do a series of single clicks, you'll get straight-edged selections. Therefore, with the same Lasso tool you can use Option (PC: Alt) to also switch between two types of selections: click-and-drag for the regular Lasso, single clicks for the Polygonal Lasso. One last note: Be careful if you already have an existing selection, because Option (PC: Alt) also works as a method for fine-tuning an existing selection.

Q2:How do I scroll my image while using the Lasso? Sometimes when I have zoomed in and am selecting with the Lasso, the image suddenly “jumps” as it scrolls to where I'm moving the mouse. How can I stop this?
A2: Well, you can't really stop it, but you can avoid it. As you get close to the edge of your window (before it starts to scroll), hold down the Spacebar to switch temporarily to the Hand tool. Drag to change your view, then release the Spacebar to continue using the Lasso tool (L).
Q3:Is it possible to change among the three Lasso tools “on the fly” while I'm using one of them?
A3: Yes, by using Option (PC: Alt) you can switch tools based on how you use the mouse. For example, if you choose the Magnetic Lasso andthen hold down Option (PC: Alt), click-and-drag to use the regular Lasso tool, or use a series of single clicks to draw with the Polygonal Lasso tool. If you start with the Polygonal or regular Lasso tool, Option (PC: Alt) will switch between the two tools.
Q4:How do I select right to the edges of a document with the Lasso? I am trying to select part of an image that goes right to the edge of the document. It is difficult to drag the Lasso along the edge of the image. How can I make sure I don't miss anything?
A4: As long as you start using the Lasso tool (L) inside the document window, you can drag it outside the document window itself (meaning you're dragging onto your desktop or outside the physical document) and then return inside the window. The selection will stop right at the edge, and there's no worry about missing any pixels.



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