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Q1:How do I add a color to the Swatches palette? I have used the Eyedropper to choose a color. Is there a way to add it to my Swatches palette?

A1: Yes, just move your mouse into the Swatches palette to an “empty” swatch at the bottom of the palette (you may need to scroll down the palette if you have a lot of swatches). Your cursor will change to the Paint Bucket. Click, name the color in the resulting dialog, and when you click OK, it is added to the palette.
Q2:How do I save the Swatches palette to use in other documents?
A2: When you add to the Swatches palette (Window>Swatches), those colors are saved there permanently until you reset the palette. This means that these swatches are available to all documents, not just the document you were using when you added the color. As a backup plan, you can also choose Save Swatches from the Swatches palette's flyout menu, and then load these saved colors later by returning to the flyout menu and choosing Load Swatches.
Q3:How do I create my own sets of color swatches?

A3: From the Edit menu, choose Preset Manager. Change the Preset Type pop-up menu to Swatches and use the Command (PC: Control) key to select your swatches. Click on the Save Set button, name your set in the resulting dialog, and save it in Photoshop CS2>Presets>Swatches folder (it should be saved there by default). The next time you launch Photoshop, you'll be able to choose your swatches from the flyout menu in the Swatches palette.
Q4:Is it possible to remove a swatch from my Swatches palette?
A4: Move your cursor to the Swatches palette (Window>Swatches). Hold down Option (PC: Alt) and you'll see your cursor change to a pair of scissors. Click on a swatch to remove it.
Q5:How do I revert to the original swatches? I've added all kinds of colors, but now I'd like to get back to the original colors. Is that possible?
A5: To reset the Swatches palette back to the original (default) colors, go to the flyout menu in the Swatches palette (Window>Swatches) and choose Reset Swatches.



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