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Q1:Why can't I change my color photo into a duotone? I want to change a color image into a duotone, but the Duotone mode is grayed out. Why?
A1: In order to change a color image into duotone, you must first convert it to grayscale. From the Image>Mode submenu, select Grayscale, and then return to the Mode submenu and Duotone will be available.
Q2:How do I convert from RGB to CMYK? Does converting RGB to CMYK change the image as much as they say?
A2: Well, that depends on the colors in the RGB image. RGB can display more colors than CMYK is capable of printing. That means you could either have an RGB image that wouldn't change very much when converted to CMYK because of the colors in that image—or it could change dramatically (see View>Proof Colors>Working CMYK when in RGB mode). To actually convert from RGB to CMYK, choose CMYK Color under Image>Mode.

Q3:How do I change color images to grayscale? When we import color images from our digital camera, what is the best way to make them into black-and-white images? I know this can be done a number of ways (Desaturate, Channel Mixer, channels, etc.), but I am trying to figure out which way is the best.
A3: You're right, this can be done in various ways. I like one method because it combines good results with easy-to-do steps. Change from RGB mode to Lab Color (Image>Mode). In the Channels palette (Window>Channels), click on the Lightness channel. Then, from the Image menu, change the Mode to Grayscale. Click OK in the warning dialog asking you if you want to discard other channels. Many people feel that channel mixing gives the best results, but it takes a little more effort, so I suggest this Lab method. (Tip: Consider making an action to do this conversion.)
Q4:Is there a quick way to remove color from an image? I want to turn parts of a color image into grayscale. How can I do this?
A4: You have some options: (1) Select the area using any selection tool, and then choose Image>Adjust>Desaturate. (2) Using the Brush tool (B), change the Mode pop-up menu in the Options Bar to Color, press the letter D to change the Foreground color to black, and start painting away.
Q5:Why can't I modify an image from the Web? I downloaded a graphic from the Web, but when I try to work with it, I can't seem to do very much. Why is that?
A5: Chances are the graphic is in Indexed Color mode, which means various operations (such as filters) are disabled. Try changing to RGB Color (Image>Mode), and you should find the options available.



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