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Imagine you're working on some artwork for one of your many clients (let's call him Client A). You've chosen the colors you'll be using, and the client loves them so much, he wants you to use them in all his projects. You can make your life easier by saving a set of swatches. Here's how:

Step One.
Use the Eyedropper tool (I) to sample the first color. Then, move your cursor into the bottom of the Swatches palette (Window>Swatches) and hover over the “blank” area that appears after the last swatch until you see the cursor change into the Paint Bucket.

Step Two.
Click in this empty area to add a new swatch, and then name it if you wish in the resulting dialog. Click OK.

Step Three.
Repeat the previous two steps to add all the colors you need for Client A.

Step Four.
From the Edit menu, choose Preset Manager. From the Preset Types pop-up menu, choose Swatches. Hold down the Command (PC: Control) key and click on each of the colors you created for Client A (or if the swatches are contiguous, you can Shift-click on the first and last swatches in the rows to select them). Now click on the Save Set button.

Step Five.
When the Save dialog appears, name the set (something clever such as “Client A colors”), and save it in Photoshop CS2>Presets>Color Swatches (it should be saved there by default).

Step Six.
Once you restart Photoshop, your swatches set will be available from the Swatches palette's flyout menu. Look in the flyout menu and you should see your previously saved set.

Step Seven.
Click on your saved set and you will be asked if you want to replace the default swatches (OK) or add (Append) the set you're loading into the current swatches.



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