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Chapter Eight. Image Capture > Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

Q1:How do I know if my camera is supported in Camera Raw?
A1: Check Adobe's website, where they list the currently supported cameras:


Q2:How can I tell whether my digital camera image is “good enough” to print at a large size? When I take a picture with my digital camera, it comes in at some weird size, like 11x16" at 72 ppi. How can I tell how big I can print this image?

A2: You can use the Image Size command (under the Image menu) to help calculate the optimum size. In the Image Size dialog, make sure Resample Image is not checked (you should see a chain symbol linking the Width, Height, and Resolution fields). Now you can do one of two things: (a) enter the resolution you need for printing, and you will see how big you'll be able to print the file, or (b) enter the width or height you'd like to use and see if there is enough resolution to meet your printing requirements. Sometimes the bottom line with digital camera images is that you cannot print it as big as you might like due to the restrictions of how big of a file a camera is capable of capturing.
Q3:How do I improve the quality of images from a digital camera? Sometimes I get images that were taken with a digital camera and they look a little “noisy.” How can I improve that?
A3: A simple way to deal with noise is to select Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise. If the Basic settings don't appear to help, try clicking on the Advanced tab, in which you can apply the filter to specific channels (such as the Blue channel, which is often the culprit of noise).



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