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Camera Raw

Q1:When I try to open a Nikon RAW (NEF) image, a small window opens with only a couple of options, instead of the Camera Raw dialog. What's going on?
A1: The Nikon NEF plug-in is overriding Camera Raw. You'll have to remove the Nikon NEF plug-in from the Photoshop CS2 application folder (Photoshop CS2>Plug-Ins>Adobe Photoshop Only>File Formats), and then restart Photoshop.
Q2:How do I open a RAW image in the Adobe Bridge rather than in Photoshop CS2?
A2: If you double-click on a RAW file in the Bridge, Photoshop will launch and the Camera Raw dialog will open in Photoshop. If you want to work with Camera Raw from the Bridge (to process files while you switch to Photoshop, for example), select the image(s) and press Command-R (PC: Control-R).
Q3:How do I see the entire Camera Raw dialog? It's partially cut off.
A3: The minimum monitor resolution that's required for Photoshop CS2—and Camera Raw—is1024x768, so you'll have to use at least that monitor setting, if not higher.
Q4:Is there a simple way to turn off the Auto settings?
A4: Yes, just press Command-U (PC: Control-U) to toggle the Auto Adjustment settings on and off.
Q5:Can I make my default choice to have the Auto settings turned off?
A5: If you don't want Auto Adjustments on by default for your camera model, open an image from your camera, turn off the Auto Adjustments (see previous question), pick Save New Camera Raw Defaults from the Settings flyout menu (it's the right-facing arrow to the right of the pop-up menu), and then click Done.

Q6:Are there temporary shortcuts for the Zoom tool? I thought I might be able to use the Photoshop shortcuts for the Zoom tool, but they don't work. Is there a shortcut?
A6: Yes, there is a shortcut and it is different from Photoshop. To temporarily activate the Zoom tool, hold down Command (PC: Control). To activate the Zoom tool so it zooms out, hold down Option (PC: Alt). (Note: This will not work if you are using either the Crop or Straighten tool.) The shortcut to activate the Hand tool is the Spacebar, the same as Photoshop.
Q7:Is it possible to open a RAW file without going through Camera Raw?
A7: To bypass the Camera Raw dialog and open a RAW file in Photoshop, press-and-hold Shift as you double-click on the RAW file or press Shift-Return (PC: Shift-Enter) with the image selected in the Bridge.
Q8:How can I reset all the Camera Raw settings back to the default?
A8: Hold down Option (PC: Alt) and the Cancel button will change to Reset. Click Reset to put the settings back to the default setting.
Q9:Is there a way to apply Camera Raw settings to other RAW files?
A9: There are a number of options:
  • You can Command-click (PC: Control-click) to select multiple RAW files, open them in Camera Raw, make changes to one file, andthen click the Select All button on the left side of the Camera Raw dialog. Now click Synchronize to apply the settings to all the open images.

  • Open and adjust one RAW file (make sure Photoshop is managing Camera Raw—not the Bridge). Then select more images in the Bridge, and from the Bridge's Edit menu choose Apply Camera Raw Settings. Use Previous Conversion to apply the settings you just used, or choose Camera Raw Defaults to use the settings you've set as the default for your camera.

  • In the Bridge, select one RAW file that you have previously adjusted, then from the Edit menu choose Apply Camera Raw Settings>Copy Camera Raw Settings. Then select the other RAW files in the Bridge and go to Edit>Apply Camera Raw Settings> Paste Camera Raw Settings.



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