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Q1:Is it possible to change the size of an object with Free Transform? If I scale a selected area larger, will that cause jagged edges?
A1: Depending on how much bigger you scale something, yes. If you make a small change with Free Transform (Command-T [PC: Con--trol-T]), it may not be that noticeable, but as soon as you scale more than a small amount, you will see a decrease in quality.
Q2:Is it possible to change the size of type with Free Transform? If I make a Type layer bigger or smaller with Free Transform, will that make my text look jagged?
A2: You can scale type with Free Transform and the quality will remain unchanged, as type is vector based. In fact, look in the Character palette (Window>Character) after you've transformed the type, and the Font Size, Scale, etc., will reflect the transformation you've just completed.
Q3:Why can't I see the handles using Free Transform? When I try to use Free Transform, I can't see the handles or the bounding box. What gives?
A3: The layer you're trying to transform must be larger than the current canvas size. The simplest way to see (and drag) the handles is to press Command-0 (zero) (PC: Control-0 [zero]) while you have Free Transform active. That will change the view to Fit on Screen, scaling the view so the handles will show. So, first press Command-T (PC: Control-T) for Free Transform, then press Command-0 (zero) (PC: Control-0) to Fit on Screen.
Q4:How do I get out of Free Transform? I was trying to use Free Transform, but I couldn't seem to get out of it. How do I cancel the operation? (I ended up doing the transformation and then undoing it!)
A4: If you want to cancel out of commands like Free Transform (Command-T [PC: Control-T]), just press the Escape key. (The same shortcut applies to the Select>Transform Selection command.)
Q5:Why do things look jagged while I'm transforming?
A5: Photoshop displays a low-res version while you are still in a Transform function. As soon as you press Return (PC: Enter), the higher-res pixelswill show again—don't judge the quality of what you're doing until you have finished using the Transform function.
Q6:How do I rotate an object to a specific angle?

A6: Use either Edit>Transform>Rotate or the Free Transform command (Command-T [PC: Control-T]), and then look in the Options Bar. You should see several numeric fields, including the Rotate field (it'll be near the center of the Options Bar). Enter the angle you want and press Return (PC: Enter).
Q7:Is there an equivalent to the Repeat Transform command that's in Illustrator?
A7: The idea behind Repeat Transform is to repeat (and duplicate) whatever transformation you've applied, simply by using the keyboard. With a layer active, hold down Option (PC: Alt) and from the Edit menu, choose Free Transform (or press Command-Option-T [PC: Control-Alt-T]). Transform the layer and then press Enter. To repeat (and copy) the same transformation, press Command-Option-Shift-T (PC: Control-Alt-Shift-T).



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